Welcome to Year 5 and 6

We are a mixed age class of Year 5 and 6 children. We aim to have a happy, positive and productive classroom which is fun, challenging and supportive for all learners. The learning environment is well structured and prepares the children for when they move on to secondary school; as well as lessons being varied, practical and engaging!

We have an ethos of mutual respect between staff and children in class which promotes a happy, harmonious environment to work in. We aim to instill a Growth Mindset in all of our children- this is modelled and promoted by the staff through the culture of positivity we uphold. Challenge is woven through all parts of our curriculum through the underpinning of our school values to ensure that all children reach their full potential…

In Year 5 and 6, we don’t say, “I can’t,” we say, “I can’t…yet!”

Class teacher: Mrs Cliffe
Teaching assistant: Mrs Clarke


Our curriculum is organised over a two year rolling programme. It is broad and balanced and offers a depth of learning opportunities for all our children, which inspires a life-long love of learning, preparing them for secondary school and for life in the modern world.

We aim for our children to master the core skills of Reading, Writing and Maths by the end of Key Stage 2; and also ignite passion for learning and deepened curiosity through experiencing a lively, broad wider curriculum.

We use schemes in many areas of our curriculum that are also adopted across all three key stages in school to ensure progression and a breadth of knowledge and skills is taught:

Power Maths

Lancashire English Units

Collins Geography

Collins History

Scarf Coram PSHE

Faith SLA RE

Lancashire Music Service

CSSP and Lancashire PE planning

CSSP cultural links: MFL provision

Lancashire KLIPs inform planning for Foundation subjects and planning.

Rivington Curriculum

We supplement the use of schemes with a broad range of resources and with links to our unique local area.

We aim to also educate our children about the wider world through extending their knowledge beyond our locality to ensure they become global citizens.

Examples of how we expose the children to experiences beyond their own locality and culture:

-choice of texts in English, Guided Reading, “Let’s Read”, Reading Award Scheme and other texts in other subjects

-trips e.g. outdoor education residential, city trips, places of worship

-faith SLA

-visitors in school: faith, careers, clubs

Home Learning:

Home Learning is sent out every half term, detailed on a Home Learning Grid. It consists of weekly Home Learning tasks: Maths and English SATs style questions; daily reading; spelling rehearsal and basic maths skills rehearsal; as well as half termly topic home learning from which the children can choose from a range of activities based on our wider curriculum. This is then celebrated at the end of each half term (please see Home Learning page on this website f0r further information and helpful links).

Enrichment opportunities:

When children reach Year 5/6 they are trusted with responsibility in school, such as prefect/ senior prefect duties, school council, sports committee, PALs playground leaders… This allows the children to mature, grow in confidence and self-esteem and become good role models for the younger children.

The children have many extra-curricular opportunities available to them, such as: the opportunity to take leading roles in our twice yearly school productions, attending  the Year 6 residential trip to Tower Wood, Year 6 leavers party, SATs party, national story writing competition entry, sport competitions/ festivals, sports/performing arts clubs, Money Matters workshops, parliament week, chronology day, Science in nature days, nature walks, forest school, Young Voices and other educational visits and fun trips in and out of school throughout each academic year!

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The Year 6s are supported in preparation to sit their end of KS2 assessments with intervention programmes and booster groups run by the class teacher/ teaching assistant and head teacher in the weeks leading up to the SATs week in May. Parents can help their children in preparation for the assessments by supporting their child in revision of the core subjects at home. A SATs information workshop is held in school, revision booklets are issued to Year 6 parents, as well as further information on where to seek resources to aid revision.

For more information on SATs see the link below: