Eco Committee

Mrs Cliffe works with our dedicated band of Eco-enthusiasts to encourage and educate our school community in all things Eco!
We have gained our Bronze and Silver Eco awards over the past few years and are now working for our Green Flag.




  • Sort our rubbish to recycle as much paper as possible.

  • Are very aware of the need to recycle wherever we can and will reuse containers, card, paper as often as we can.

  • Switch off unneeded lights and sockets

  • Use our compost bins for raw  food and garden waste

  • Don’t waste water

  • Keep our school and grounds tidy

  • Keep doors closed where we can do this sensibly.

  • Keep our heating at a reasonable level- although our old school often needs more warmth than new buildings as we do not have insulated walls.

We are always aware of the need to care for our environment and  to not waste resoursce of any kind.

Our Certificates