‘To create an energised and safe learning community centred on, and invested in, aspirational teachers who champion the art and power of teaching. Educators whose passion is to deliver an ambitious curriculum which enables life transforming learning for all.’

Our Aims:

We aim to create a secure, stimulating and caring environment where children can develop and thrive. A place where a feeling of self-worth is fostered and individuals can feel happy valued and confident.

It is our aim that each child reaches his or her full potential. We want every child to become the best that he or she can possibly be. We expect all members of our school’s community to ‘Choose Kind’.

We aim to offer the highest academic standards set within an exciting and innovative curriculum. We will endeavour to create, inspire and arouse a life-long passion for learning. As a staff, we will model ourselves as learners who are also hungry to discover, learn and improve. We will deliver lessons which use innovative and trusted methods which will absorb and motivate our pupils. We regularly use our rich and beautiful environment as a means of presenting and accessing our curriculum.

We believe that we are preparing our pupils not just for their further schooling but for life beyond this. We regard a child’s primary school years at Rivington as forming a foundation on which they will build their further education and future lives. We are always mindful that our children’s experiences during their early years at Rivington will, in large, shape the adults that they will become.

Therefore, during their time with us, we aim to offer a curriculum that is both broad, rich and balanced – one which shapes the ‘whole child’.

We are a ‘kind’ school and we are welcoming to all.

The most important school rule, and one that is followed by the whole school community, is: ‘Be Kind’.

Our aims and ethos actively promote the rule of law, democracy, mutual respect, individual liberty and the tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. These are the British values that we cherish and the ones which will enable our children to live in Modern Britain.

All at Rivington promote an ethos of encouragement, kindness and understanding so that strengths are developed and weaknesses are identified and supported. As a result all are challenged and never inhibited.

Parents know that their children will be cared for and experience the best educational standards.

Through hard work, the best efforts of their teachers, the support of their parents and the encouragement of their peers we expect all pupils to make significant progress and experience success.

Hearing from former pupils in their future lives and careers is always a pleasure. Being a small part in our children’s lives and achievements is a privilege for all staff at Rivington.
Being part of the Rivington family never ends……it lasts a lifetime.