History Policy 2023-2025



History Subject Leader Handbook 2023-2025







History Trips
At Rivington Foundation Primary, we believe that fieldwork trips are highly valuable for cementing historical understanding and bringing history to life. As well as being lucky enough to be situated within easy access of amazing museums. We are extremely lucky to have a wealth of historical experiences on our doorstep. Staff are constantly looking for new experiences that will enrich the learning of their pupils.  This year’s history trips have taken us to the Lancashire Archives, Astley Hall and Style Mill. We also organise talks and workshops, some of which have a cross-curricular links and some where an expert shares their knowledge with the children in a creative capacity. We have often been involved in joint projects with the Horwich Historical Society – reflecting on Local History and helping with the restoration of the Terraced Gardens. We regularly report on these in the newsletter and Twitter so do have a look each week and see what’s been going on!

History at Home
As well as many museums, history is everywhere – in buildings, blue plagues and in the hills above us!  Children can also learn a lot from our own personal stories of the past which allow them to understand that the world changes with each generation. At Rivington Foundation Primary we actively encourage children to continue their research at home.

Below are some websites you might find useful:
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