Welcome to Late Stay Club!


Our After School Club runs from 3.15 – 6pm (term time only) with Mr Alan Martindale and Miss Hannah Berry.

We cater for ages  3 to 11. The cost is £8.50 per session with discounts for siblings.

We have a wide range of activities every night including arts and crafts, colouring, origami, small world toys, role play, games, guitar, music and many other fun things to do.

  Latestay colouring book

  Little Internet safety book


Our outside area is amazing for the young imagination. Bicycles, scooters, den making, dressing up and role play, sports activities, Treasure hunts, studying the environment and lots more! When the weather is not kind or in winter we organise themed nights such as movie nights, cake and biscuit decorating, Arts and crafts, photography. The list is always increasing.

    “We found the keys!”

  Latestay Treasure Hunt


Tea is fun. Here is a typical menu.

Please speak to us if your child has any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Latestay staff or contact the School Bursar.

  Colourful rainbows

    Fun (safe) cycling  

  Creative play    Bowling




.  Rowan