Holiday List

Our 2018/19 and 19/20 holiday lists can be found on this page.

Please plan your holidays according to our holiday pattern.

Holidays in term time will mean unauthorised absence, possibly incurring penalty fines from the LEA.

When available, the Lancashire County Council holiday pattern list for the following year is also here. However, there may be slight differences when this is adopted by our school and our Governing Body. The main definite difference, is that the Whit holiday at the end of May for 2018-19, will be two weeks long (not one week as Lancs). This is due to our Teacher Training days being completed as a series of 12 twilight sessions held throughout this academic year. PLEASE NOTE THAT SCHOOL WILL BE HOLDING STAFF TRAINING DAYS FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-20 AND THAT THE MAY HOLIDAY WILL JUST BE A WEEK IN LENGTH – PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS FOR FULL DETAILS.

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Attendance Policy and Procedural Framework 2018-19 Policy