Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating is promoted in School through Science, PHSE and daily through School lunchtimes. We aim to give our children the understanding of Healthy eating as a lifelong skill.

We’d like to say a big thank you to……..

Mrs Amanda Aitken M.Sc AfN (Public Health),  who in her role as a Nutritionist has already committed much time to our Healthy Eating Initiative (and continues to do so).

Mrs Aitken has :-

Been writing our Healthy Eating Policy with us.

Researched Healthy Eating menus and options

Provided nutritional information guidelines

Previously completed an Audit of Packed Lunches which helped to decide which areas to focus on

Researched different ways the Healthy Eating initiative can be brought into school.

Mrs Aitken is now:-

Working with Mrs Milton on a possible Healthy Tuckshop; for special occasions/ days.

Researching further menu ideas

Planning a further  audit – to record the fantastic healthy lunch choices our children have.

Part of our ‘Lancashire Healthy Schools’ work towards the new Standard!

For more ideas and Information see below.

Downloadable Documents

Snapshot Review Packed Lunches 2016
Chew! Lots More Ideas
Packed Lunch Ideas
Packed Lunch Audit
Guide line amounts & tables


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